How I got a job at Hashnode as a content writerπŸ’₯


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The beginning πŸ€“

A few months ago, I started blogging on hashnode.

My posts would cover my transition to a front-end developer as well as covering some web3 tips and tricks.πŸ’°

I covered crypto gems such as Xcademy, Strongblock or Mirror XYZ. This blog was just a way for me to document my learnings, and it was a great way to reinforce my learning of specific blockchain topics.


Writing an article requires you to dig deeper into the technicalities, so this is an excellent way to learn more and showcase that understanding.

However, I would be lying if I did not admit that blogging would be a great way to get my name there.

This blog could act as a type of CV for my web3 life. My normal CV has nothing tech related, so I thought a blog would be a way to show off my skills and knowledge.


Hashnode bobs who dis? ✍🏽

After a month or two on Hashnode, the content lead from Hashnode reached out to me to discuss me working on a freelance basis to write articles for their new web3 blog. This shocked me.

I was never a fan of writing, but someone gave me the opportunity to write and get paid. I must have underestimated my ability to write.

They liked my articles, but they wanted me to write a test article to prove that I could follow their rules in writing and design.

This was the first time that I wanted to improve my writing. I wanted to be a better writer.

Fortunately, I passed their test and published that article here.


Since then, I have written a couple more articles that have been published. One was one web3 wallet and the other on the NFT music industry.

Tips for someone trying to get into writing πŸ“š

Honestly, I will not act like I know much about it. I am pretty new to the technical writing scene, so I don't know much.


But I do have a few tips for people trying to get in.

  • Write. Just write fast and then edit it later
  • Pick a topic that interests you. Sure, things are trendy, but it's more important to explain any topic in a simple way.
  • Post weekly or bi-weekly. It is an excellent way to show commitment.
  • Add your original twist to your writing.
  • Post your content in communities that can help promote. I posted my content in the developer_dao discord, which helped a lot.


Don't overthink. Just write and post. You only get better with practice. I never thought I would blog, but here I am. And I am happy I started. :